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Ready for Halloween fun? Plan to catch an eeeeerie Halloween Train Ride or hop a Pumpkin Patch Train at a railroad near you.

And check back often for new Halloween themed games to play, pictures to color, and videos to watch!

Go where the ghosties go! Hop aboard a Spooktacular Train in the 🎃U.S. 🎃Canada 🎃U.K. 🎃Ireland and 🎃Australia.

Download it now from the Irvine Park Railroad website — and check out the railroad's Pumkin Patch Train, running daily through Halloween in Orange, California!

All aboard for the Halloween Train Wash! This delightful-not-frightful video is a Halloween treat for toddlers and preschoolers.

2016 Halloween Trains are haunting railways in the 🎃U.S. 🎃Canada 🎃U.K. 🎃Ireland and 🎃Australia.

Percy catches a scare as he rolls through the night. Online game and sing-along lets you show him that there's no reason to be frightened!

It's Peanuts The Great Pumpkin Patch Express! Join Snoopy and pals for Halloween fun in 🔸California 🔸Washington 🔸Colorado and 🔸North Carolina!

Cast a spell on your witches and warlocks with this yummy chocolately Halloween Ghost Cake!

All aboard for danger! Take aim and shoot the attacking undead before they have a chance to get you!

Eerie expresses... Terror trolleys... Chiller choo choos... 2016 Halloween Trains are haunting railways in the 👻U.S. 👻Canada 👻U.K. 👻Ireland and 👻Australia.

Here's a video peek at a spooktacular Day Out! Join Thomas and Percy's Halloween Party at Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton CA, Saturdays and Sundays, October 8th through 30th!

Original song, composed by James Coffey, accompanies the train as it rolls past goblins and ghosts in this frightful, delightful video.

Halloween edition of Digital Chocolate's Rollercoaster Rush puts you in charge of this out-of-control Ghost Train Ride Game.

Shawn the Train has fun sorting and delivering Halloween pumpkins of different sizes in this watch-and-learn cartoon!

Eeeeerie ghost trains and tot-friendly trick-or-treat expresses coming to ★the U.S. ★Canada ★England ★Wales ★Scotland ★Ireland and ★Australia.







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